Emiksia Castro is 2 years old traveling for 12 hours from Bonanza in the North Caribbean to Managua to participate in the post-operative evaluation. His mother Niksia Granados tells us that the small one received two surgeries with Operation Smile the first of Cleft Lip in 2015 was in Puerto Cabezas and the second of Cleft Palate was this year in the Hospital Alemán Nicaragüense.

Emixia is improved a lot after the surgery as her mother now feeds and breathes better, in addition she is beginning to develop speech. Her mom says that in a couple of years she hopes to enroll her in school. 
Changing Lives SanandoSonrisas OSN

“Cada niño que padece una deformidad facial es nuestra responsabilidad. Si nosotros no cuidamos de ellos, no existe garantía de que alguien más lo hará.”

- Kathy Magee, Co-fundadora y Presidente de Operation Smile